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  • Duran Duran’s Girl Panic! + Harper’s Party Pix

    November 8th, 2011Kitty Amsbry

    I should warn that as I type this, I’m in the heady throes of bliss, mesmerized and atomized. The new Duran Duran video for Girl Panic! is nine minutes long, which means you can watch it all the way through six times in one hour. It’s just premiered, and you can watch it here.

    I’ll admit that I was apprehensive about the video. I mean, a bunch of miming supermodels? And what’s with the heavy-handed Swarovski and Harper’s Bazaar promos? I shared my deepest, darkest and snarkiest fears with a friend the other night as we wrung our pale hands over what had the potential to be a Falling Down redux, with anorexic models slumping in hallways and lothario band members doing their best to muster up the dashing. And what happened to that whole new “accessible and human” trajectory they spun off on with All You Need Is Now?  Still, we couldn’t help but squee with anticipation. “A co-sponsored event video for a dead album track? Count me in!”

    Turns out the video is sexy, sassy, flashy — and funny as hell. Another masterpiece from Jonas Akerlund, it’s like a sparkly little pill that lets you imagine yourself as a supermodel AND a rock star AT THE SAME TIME! Flinging the bling in times of economic downturn is what put Duran Duran on the map, and the coolest thing is not simply that the band hasn’t forgotten this, but that they still do it so damn well.

    Below are some snaps from the Harper’s Bazaar Women Of The Year Awards last night at Claridges Hotel in London, where the video premiered. It’s no wonder our boys look so happy… they nailed it!

    Muchas gracias y besos to Den and Sil for sharing the photos


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  • Ummm…in the last pic on the top row, that’s not just John, Nick’s in there too!

    • Hmmm, perhaps the appael is the difference , a factor which Paris has in spades.I’ve just spent a month or so in France (as you do) but did not visit Paris, except to scoot by taxi from one railway station to another, once. I’d much rather be in the countryside.But then again, cities the world over are homogenous & lack the character & culture of the country they are in. Life in (say) Toronto bears far more similarity to life in Sydney, than life in Sydney bears to life in Australia.Ah yes, the dog droppings. The whole of France stinks from them! After several weeks in the country, I sum it up to anyone who asks: If you can’t smell dog-sheet, then you are NOT in France. Also, anyone travelling in France should be issued with a six-gun, to shoot dead any gypsies who come a-botherin’.France has a SERIOUS problem with their inability to stop criminal gypsy behaviour.

  • Ha! My bad! I’ll fix that ;)

  • I am amazed at how many people didn’t like the video for Falling Down as I thought it was genius! I’ll have to blog about it sometime…especially since Girl Panic has some similarities. Basically, I think Falling Down showed a lot about what causes(d) the band members to “fall down” in their lives.

  • I do love Falling Down, Amanda… I just didn’t think we needed a repeat — thrilled to see that’s not the case!

    • That is too funny. I was just this morning loionkg at the post when you put the hole in the wall in the first place and thinking, I wonder if they did anything with the hole yet I am sure the hole bathroom will turn out just lovely. I am so excited for every project you complete. Now to convince my husband we need to do a little fixin’ up

  • I KNOW this is going to sound really catty … but honestly, everytime I look at pictures of Nick with Nefer … I just think he’s out with a kid.

    Looking at Simon with Amber … and then Nick and his girlfriend … it’s just … yuck, IMO.

    I DO wish Nick happiness. All I’m trying to say is the pictures look sort of awkward.

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    • Connie, we have engineered wood in our half bath and khecitn and have had no problems with it. As long as spills are cleaned up and not left to sit, there should be no problems. However, if you leave a spill, the water will seep into the grooves and swell the boards. Over time a missed spill will eventually shrink back up and hardly be noticable (that’s been our experience so far). I have a two year old who has had many spills, two cats who like to dip their paws in water then walk around, and my floors still look great. If it makes you happy, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks anyway

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