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  • May 20th, 2011Kitty AmsbryDuran Duran

    Naomi Campbell and Yasmin Le Bon

    Duran Duran are planning to shoot a video for Girl Panic!, the upbeat second single from All You Need is Now. Details about the new video are beginning to emerge, as the weekly UK glossy Grazia reports that it will include a bevvy of supermodels. (Is “bevvy” the appropriate collective noun for supermodels? — Ed.)

    Grazia says the shoot will take place next week in the South of France, and will include Simon’s beautiful bride along with other models including Naomi Cambell and Kate Moss. The band, lately even more fashion-oriented than usual, have worked with both Naomi and Kate on recent projects. Duran Duran provided the soundtrack for the Dior Addict mini-movie featuring Moss, and they performed at Campbell’s Fashion for Relief event in Moscow a few months back.

    Yasmin is said to be the the one who hatched the plans for the video, and sources say that the women were excitedly discussing the shoot together last week in Cannes. As long as the guys are in it too (and they manage to spin it beyond a George Michael video from twenty years ago) it sounds perfectly fabulous to us. After all, supermodels and Duran Duran go together like peanut butter and jelly. Err… champagne and caviar. And perhaps it’s a “gaggle” of supermodels? Let’s ask Simon.

  • May 10th, 2011Kitty AmsbryDuran Duran

    Gimme a Wristband & The Daily Duranie have joined forces to bring you a Duran Duran fan meetup in London!

    You’re invited to join us at the perfectly-themed Reflex Bar the night before Duran Duran’s big show at the O2.

    Everyone is welcome — it’s a great chance to have some fun and meet friends from around the world!

    Friday, May 27

    Reflex Bar
    17 Watling Street
    EC4M 9BB


    Free admission before 9

    RSVP via Facebook

    click here for directions & nearest tube stops