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  • January 27th, 2011Kitty AmsbryDuran Duran

    The ‘All You Need Is Now World Tour’ is on like Le Bon! Eleven UK dates in May plus one in Berlin have been announced, as well as Coachella and the Superbowl Party gig in the US. Don’t live anywhere near those places? The band has said this will be a two year long tour, so just relax and don’t get your knickers in a twist. I’m sure they will be announcing more dates at a venue near you very soon. Probably. After all, Roger said during the web chat on Heart FM yesterday (watch it here) that Duran Duran would play “anywhere they’ll have us.” In that case, I’ll move the coffee table out of the way and invite the neighbors. (Check out for full tour listings.)

    Boosh! Simon & Nick with Noel Fielding at the Comedy Awards

    Duran Duran are known for working with cutting-edge video directors, and in true form are talking to Swedish director Jonas Åkerlund about making their next video, which will be for Girl Panic. Åkerlund, is best known for his work on the wildly-successful Lady Gaga ‘Telephone’ video, which Nick has mentioned being particularly fond of. Even he can’t resist the brilliance of sunglasses made of cigarettes and hair curlers from Coke cans. Åkerlund + Duran Duran’s Girl Panic = surely, fabulously epic.

    Goldie Hawn and Nick Rhodes at the Comedy Awards

    We got a bit teary-eyed yesterday over this article in the Evening Chronicle, where John spoke candidly about the place that Andy Taylor still holds in the band’s heart. John told the Newcastle-based publication, “I don’t feel that Andy, at the end of the day, was prepared to do, wanted to do, what was necessary to be a member of this band – the travel, the commitment. Andy is not a schmoozer. He’s a down to earth bloke. For me he is one of the greatest guitarists of the post-British blues era. I love him, but I haven’t spoken to him in several years.” JT was wistful about the band’s upcoming date near Andy’s hometown, saying “You do carry people with you on the stage and I think when you give a performance every night, part of what you bring to that performance is honouring friends who have been with you along the way. You take them on board in a way. That will be the case with Andy when we go on tour, especially in Newcastle.”

    Duran Duran has provided the soundtrack to a commercial featuring Kate Moss for Dior’s new line of lipstick, according to Nick Rhodes in the February issue of Harpers Bazzar (UK Edition). No word yet on which song or where the spot will air, but you can bet that Gimme a Wristband will keep you posted. In the meantime, below are scans of the Harper’s article wherein Nick delivers a rather seductive bit of prose about his penchant for women who wear red lipstick. “There’s something about red lips. They’re just so luscious; that slash of colour across a face, the impact it can have. It’s deliciously suggestive. It invites one to stare at the mouth to put it into consideration. Red lips are like a siren call.” I predict that on this tour, Nick will be looking out at an audience full of women wearing makeup based on Robert Palmer’s ‘Addicted to Love’ video. As if we needed an excuse to bust out the Rouge Dior.(To read the article, click images on the full-sized scans below, many thanks to Amanda L.)


  • January 20th, 2011Kitty AmsbryDuran Duran

    AK47 - Christian Ale & Alejandro Kauderer.

    Music producers Christian Ale & Alejandro Kauderer, collectively known as AK47, just dropped some super-hot beats on us with four different remixes of All You Need Is Now.

    Click to listen.

    Self-confessed fans of Duran Duran since 1983, AK47 hail from Buenos Aires, Argentina where they’ve been igniting the dance floors of the biggest clubs in the city. Even though AK47 are working on official remixes for Roisin Murphy and Bernard Sumner’s (ex-New Order) new band, Bad Lieutenant, they couldn’t resist having a go at AYNIN. The Election Mix is brilliant – check it:

    If you have a remix of All You Need Is Now and wanna show off your skills, drop a line to Kitty at gimmeawristband dot com. If it lights our fire, we’ll feature it .

  • January 13th, 2011Kitty AmsbryDuran Duran

    Simon Le Bon met with BBC Radio 4 presenter John Wilson in the UK last week, with the interview finally airing today. It was a thoughtful conversation, and Simon seemed to enjoy himself.  The main highlights were:

    • Duran Duran definitely did not mean to repeat Rio with All You Need Is Now. Those many press comments have been misinterpreted. Mark Ronson as a producer was trying to capture the spirit of those times, and get the band back into “experimental mode.”
    • To the presenter’s statement, that it is the way that the songs are written that reminds him of Rio, Simon spoke of the songs being crafted in more of a European way, citing early Ultravox and Joy Division as lasting influences. “We find something very emotional in those musical movements, in those chord movements.”
    • Simon responded to the presenter’s observation that lyrically, All You Need Is Now literally harks back to “days when we were younger” by explaining, “This is who we are, where we come from.”
    • Asked what the difference is being in the band at fifty-years old, as opposed to twenty, Simon said “It feels like a job now… it feels like going to the office. There’s a different feeling to it.”
    • When asked if he regrets the “flash image” of yachting playboys that has stuck with the band since the 80s, Simon said, “No. Nick does.” He went on to say, “It worked for the time. We were just trying to entertain.”
    • About whether or not he misses the mass hysteria of the early days, Simon said wistfully, “I do, a bit. I do miss it.” He spoke of playing the 1983 documentary Sing Blue Silver for his kids prior to the reunion, and how they sat open-mouthed, understanding what their father really did for the first time. Wise beyond her years, Tallulah advised her father not to perform certain dance moves.
    • Regarding going on tour sporting Le Beard: “I can do whatever I like.”
    • Simon strongly denied that there have ever been leadership struggles within the band, saying, “This is our band… tolerance and understanding; that’s what keeps us together.”

    Listen to the full interview here.

  • January 5th, 2011Kitty AmsbryDuran Duran

    John Taylor outside ITV Studios

    • Sources tell Gimme a Wristband that the extended, 14 track physical CD version of All You Need Is Now will be released via EMI in early March, with some lovely deluxe packaging in the works.
    • According to USA today, the band is planning a world tour starting in April, and there is also a comic book set for release.
    • Lots of whispering, but no official announcement yet on the UK mini tour with dates rumored to be happening in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Glasgow smack in the middle of February.
    • Duran Duran will be the featured artist on VH1′s Top 20 SPIN on Sunday, January 30th, with the highlight being the video for All You Need Now.
    • Rumors of Duran Duran playing the Coachella Music Festival in Indio, California April 15-17 are heating up after John Taylor tweeted a link to a discussion board on the topic. The lineup is set to be announced this coming Monday. Interesting indeed, JT…
    • All You Need Is Now made a stunning debut at #6 on Billboard’s Alternative Albums Chart, #11 on the Digital Albums Chart, and made the BBC Radio 2 and Absolute Radio playlists this week. It’s not just the fans lapping it up as MTV points out, it’s also wowing the critics. Nice work, boys! ……..
  • January 3rd, 2011Kitty AmsbryDuran Duran News

    click image to play video of 'Duran Duran Talk the Talk' with TIME Magazine

    Nick Rhodes and Simon Le Bon sat down with TIME Arts Editor Tim Morrison recently, for a pretty decent video chat about the sense of “experimentation and adventure” surrounding Duran Duran’s new album, All You Need Is Now.

    Morrison questioned Simon and Nick about their renewed embrace of technology, asking about their decision to opt for a digital download release and their sudden interest in social networking. “We do embrace those things,” said Nick “because it’s fascinating to have that direct link with your audience. We’re trying to get through to as many people as we can and say, Hey, here’s our record, take a listen.”

    Simon felt the entirely righteous need to defend the tired question of Duran’s fashion choices down the ages: “If you go to the trendiest areas of London like Brick Lane and the East End on a Friday night, you see kids who look exactly like we looked in 1981. It’s incredible how it’s come around.”

    The video crescendos with a declaration from Simon, “We are currently putting our new tour together. … It will be as big as it possibly can, we’ll go to new places wherever possible, and it will be the perfect visual live representation of  All You Need Is Now.” The amount of passion and conviction with which Le Bon delivered those words was a perfect example of positive daily affirmation and the creative visualization technique. At which, I believe that if we all simultaneously envision the boys holding hands in a circle and repeating this mantra as one, that our combined energy-focus will lead us down the path of  enlightenment, resulting in a nirvana which can only be truly experienced through the announcement of confirmed tour dates.

    (Gracias to Den & Sil for the artwork.)
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